How Do I Teach My Child Pronunciation
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How Do I Teach My Child Pronunciation

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Must follow up on all the actions of children and encourage them to express themselves in the early stages of their lives, especially between the six months to the year, where they must start monitoring their non-verbal behaviors, which express them to encourage their development to turn into words later, and that is through smiling and focusing in the eyes Issuing the same sounds that children make and uttering some words is a good step to encourage them to speak, because children tend to imitate their parents, and parents can clap when the child starts making sounds, to strengthen their words, and patience when they do not understand what the children are saying and to keep trying.

How Do I Teach My Child Pronunciation

The development of teaching methods often owns a child in the age of one year and a half a few words, which constitutes about 20-25 words, and he does not pronounce them properly, due to the fact that some small muscles in the mouth and lips that support speech are still under development, so simple words must be followed and tried to correct them, and the child is in this The stage is also able to learn some new punches so the role of parents lies in trying to add some important words by repeating them to the children’s ears repeatedly, and play is one of the best ways to teach children new words, where children love the way to communicate with their parents through play, for example can create a game containing words about the human body or parts of the house and ask the child about those places through play.

The composition of sentences children begins to teach children over the age of two how to speak in simple sentences, and this is by asking them easy questions, consisting of a word or two, as it is recommended to answer the children’s questions with simple sentences consisting of two words or a little more and take care to call the child in his name with each phrase to He must be patient when talking to children and give them plenty of time to think about the response, try to form a sentence, and pay attention to the lack of sources of distraction of the child while talking to him as the voice of television, as well as involve the child in some work such as cleaning and cooking because children like to talk during the movement.

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