How To Memorize Children's Letters
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How To Memorize Children’s Letters

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When helping children recognize and memorize letters, you can start using some books that contain printed colored letters, and can also be taught using fun methods, for example, their name is written, and the reference for each letter alone, to finally understand that these letters, when compiled, form his name, can be enhanced by hanging his name by hanging on his room door, or anything of his own, or play with him to the game puzzles letters, and it is recommended to pay attention to the extent of the child’s interest, if the child is interested in learning more letters must continue to try with him, but if he is less than 4 years old and does not show interest in it, it is preferable to leave it for some time, since there is no evidence to indicate that learning the letters early may affect the reading skills of the child in the future.

The mechanism for keeping children in letters is a set of points that can be followed to help children memorize the letters, including the following:

The song of the letters is repeated permanently with the child, and encourages him to sing them unaided.

Display cards with letters on the child, ask to read them from him, and if he can’t read them, then you can tell them to connect the letter with his image. Pictures can be purchased with their names on the other side, and when the pictures are shown they are asked to be named from the child, and then turn them until they see the word, and move the fingers on the letters until they notice them.

Write a word on a piece of paper, then read it and ask the child to repeat it, and repeat the sound of each character individually.

Read the books appropriate for his age, make him utter words and help him when needed.

Help children learn English letters should pay attention to the child’s voice, and this method begins with simple sounds, for example the sound of the letter itself like the sound of the letter b in the word bag, then can be made with children with sounds made from a set of letters such as sh, then combined with simple words, as you should read daily with the child aloud, urge him to try to read, can try to talk to the child about non-regular words, especially the difficult words of the director, and the child should always encourage and praise.

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