The Way The Baby Sleeps
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The Way The Baby Sleeps

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Parents should try to organize the child’s sleep by setting a specific waking time, in order to organize his waking hour and the hour of waking up, and they can organize by following the number of hours he sleeps daily so that they expect the time when he can wake up, preferably not allowing him to Sleeping more than usual on holidays, for example, as this contributes to his late going to bed the next night, so he will stay awake until late at night, and he will be late to wake up the next morning, and he will not be able to attend his bedtime or wake up.

The Way The Baby Sleeps

Make sure the child takes a day nap to make sure that the child takes a small nap during the day, as it helps to calm him down during the evening hours, enabling him to sleep smoothly at night and better away from sleep disorders and intermittent sleep, so parents should encourage the child to take a nap in order to ensure that his or her sleep needs are met, and the length of the nap and the need for it can be observed according to his age, as it gradually decreases as he ages.

Tips to help your child sleep without crying, there are some tips to keep the baby sleeping quietly and without crying, including: setting a schedule to regulate the child’s sleep during the day and night. Put your baby to bed early, for example at 7:00, as the child may not be able to sleep if he or she stays awake for a long time or if he or she is under a lot of stress. Make a slow change in sleep time, starting from 9:00 to 7:00 until the baby gets used to it gradually.

Calm the baby, this can be done by giving him a warm bath or reading an amusing book, and it can be made a routine habit until the child gets used to it every day and knows from applying that the bedtime has come.

The Way The Baby Sleeps

The development of certain words or tone between parents and children indicates that bedtime is time. Create a comfortable and calm environment by staying away from the noise and turning off the lights, making sure the baby wears comfortable clothes before bed, and should avoid feeding him a large amount of food before bedtime.

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