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Breastfeeding and mother’s milk is the best choice for providing your baby a healthy growth, one of the best sources of energy, protects them from infections and diseases. It’s recommended for the first six months.

Breastfeeding build a strong emotion and feeling between mom and the little baby, and make them feel warmth.

Mother can start breastfeeding after birth, during the first days Colostrum the first milk produced in the breast, it rich in proteins that keep the baby healthy even later in their life. It contains all nutrients the baby needs and helps develop brain, eyes and other physiological systems.

It has also health benefits for the Mother. It lowers your risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and much more.

When breastfeeding switch both sides and do not forget to clean your nipple before the baby start feeding. Make sure you take the right position.

You can start feeding your baby at least 8 to 12 times a day as soon as he starts making scream, cry, moving arms, hand and legs. It may take 10 to 25 minutes until the baby start spitting out the breast and loosening their body.

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