How A Child Sleeps Early
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How A Child Sleeps Early

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Taking warm bath with warm water makes the baby relax and therefore sleeps early, and it is important in this way to keep the baby’s toys out of front of his eyes, and to reduce the sounds and lights, so that the child can sleep early with the help of the warm bath.

How A Child Sleeps Early

Co-sleep studies have shown that shared sleep, which means sleeping next to a child or in a bed adjacent to a parent’s bed, has a major impact on the organization of the child’s sleep schedules, whether you are with or against this method, which should be praised as an effective way to help the child sleep early, reduce the child’s fear and anxiety, and increase his or her sense of peace.

The national sleep foundation recommends that screens be removed from children an hour before bedtime, and the best way to help parents do this in front of their children, parents’ decision that there are no electronic devices in their bedrooms helps children to easily follow this method, and therefore sleep sooner and better.

How A Child Sleeps Early

Exercise during the day helps reduce stress and increase the need for early sleep in the child, and the effect of exercise is not only on children, but also includes adolescents and adults, as it helps to reduce insomnia, but it is recommended not to exercise in the last three hours before bedtime, it may activate adrenaline in the body and thus make the individual awake longer.

An early dinner that needs the body enough time for good digestion, and digestion occurs better when the individual is sitting or walking, but if the individual is lying down it will keep him awake for longer, because the body processes what was eaten during dinner, so it is recommended to eat dinner early and three hours before the baby is due to go to sleep.

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