Motherhood And Childhood

Motherhood And Childhood

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Unicef’s definition states that it is the period of time that a child must enjoy safely from fear, violence, exploitation or ill-treatment, as it is the appropriate stage for education, play, and to inform and encourage the love and encouragement of parents.

Unicef points out that childhood is not only the pre-adult age, but includes, more importantly, the nature and quality of life that a child lives during this stage.

Motherhood And Childhood

Preparing for motherhood, a pregnant woman may not be fully prepared for the stage of motherhood in her life, sometimes because of her relationship with her mother, her negative childhood memories, or her fear of responsibility, so the new mother should avoid expecting a repetition of the same experiences, and think about the need for the child to receive unconditional love, and this should be reflected in her relationship with her child and her love, without neglecting her self-needs, and balancing her child’s needs and attention to her own area.

Communication between the mother and the child begins during pregnancy, and this is through talking to the fetus, but after birth the process of communication between the mother and her child may take other ways, but it does not stop at the daily work of the mother to take care of her child such as feeding, feeding and even exceeding it to kisses, hugs, skin contacts recommended by doctors, or massage, as communication enhances the child’s sense of confidence and safety, and the process of communication can take longer for the child.

Motherhood And Childhood

Breastfeeding prefers to breastfeed to feed her baby, but she may have some problems in the first weeks of the baby’s life, including: nipple fractures, which is very painful, requires the mother to see a doctor as soon as it occurs. Inflammation of breast tissue, similar in its symptoms to influenza, can be treated with antibiotics. The baby eats milk from one breast without the other. White spots appear in the baby’s mouth, a type of infection that may be transmitted to the mother. Increase the flow and rapid fullness of the breast with milk.

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