How to develop a child's personality
Child Development

How to develop a child’s personality

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Giving the child a positive idea of himself parents plays a big role in the formation of the child’s personality, where the child’s perception of himself is influenced by the perception of him by others, and this applies especially to pre-school children who learn about themselves from the reactions of their parents.

How to develop a child's personality

Learning from mistakes, parents need to teach children that there are multiple ways of intelligence, and children must be allowed to focus on a set of unique skills, children start to do certain behaviors and they are able to do everything in before school, and if they do not develop properly at this stage they will not develop their own talents and skills later, and the child should not be told that, for example, a skilled swimmer if not, instead he should have to try to strengthen his natural talent.

Balancing activities with rest times is bad because it negatively affects their behavior, and while adequate physical and cognitive stimulation helps children to stimulate their brain and body, parents should also give enough time to allow their children to understand what they know and to take a break so they don’t feel tired.

How to develop a child's personality

Modifying misbehaviors directs parents and teachers to direct children to conduct in an acceptable manner in society, and when the child is angry the child must behave appropriately, train him and encourage them to behave in a manner that suits him, which is consistent with the rules of the classroom or home.

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