The Role Of The Mother In Raising Children
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The Role Of The Mother In Raising Children

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The physical and psychological construction of the mother is suited to the upbringing of children, from feeding and taking care of their health and clothing to giving them feelings of love and tenderness that earn them happiness and a sense of security, as well as supporting the physical, mental and psychological development of their children, and contribute sins mainly to their integration with their family and social environment.

 The Role Of The Mother In Raising Children

The composition of their personalities, and the children are more attached to their mothers during the early childhood period from the ninth month of the child to the age of one and a half years, if the children are isolated from their mother during this period for three to five months, this negatively affects their physical, emotional, social and linguistic development.

There is a very strong emotional bond between the mother and her children, she is the first to feel them and realize their needs before anyone, and the mother focuses on communicating verbally with her children according to her feminine composition, which makes her prefer this type of communication, which strengthens the relationship between them and makes her responsible for their attention to discipline in the home and the setting of the rules of conduct, as the mother sacrifices.

 The Role Of The Mother In Raising Children

Other roles that the mother has to raise her children include: providing a healthy environment that supports the growth of children and the development of their skills, by providing special spaces for movement and play and giving them the opportunity to unleash their energies and creativity.

To understand the feelings of their children and what is in their minds through their actions and verbal expressions. Support children’s self-confidence by always being around them and helping them develop their skills.

Creating a kind of family bonding by making sure to spend as much time as possible with her children and gathering them around the dining table at every meal during the day, which strengthens their family meanings and increases their love for their family and their attachment to it.

Teach her positive children by seeing her resilience and non-surrender, her ability to cope with the difficulties of life, and to endure the fatigue and fatigue of caring for them. Teach her children to persevere by expressing her satisfaction and feeling happy and fulfilling when they see her exhausted.

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