Natural Childbirth

Natural Childbirth

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Natural childbirth The moment of childbirth is one of the most painful and happy moments in the life of any woman, so women usually look for simple ways to facilitate childbirth, and to prepare for it, as there are many simple and easy ways that facilitate and speed up the birth process, in addition to avoiding exposure to a cesarean delivery and the consequences It has complications, and in this article we will introduce you to ways to help natural childbirth.

Methods to help natural childbirth Natural methods of massage as it raises the level of oxytocin in the body, and stimulates the contraction of the uterus, massaging the nipples for forty minutes a day, in addition to massaging the body and lower back with olive oil, which relaxes it, along with massaging the cervix, which leads To soften the vaginal area, and facilitate the baby’s exit process. Marital relationship this is a result of the sperm containing prostaglandin, which thin the cervix and prepare it for childbirth, in addition to the role of sexual intercourse in the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which leads to uterine contractions. Evening primrose oil by taking evening primrose oil capsules that help dilate the cervix at childbirth, or by massaging the cervix with primrose oil. Red raspberry leaves By consuming it in the form of tea, it speeds up the birth process as it contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen the cervix and pelvic region. Castor oil by consuming two teaspoons of castor oil, which speeds up childbirth through irritation of the uterus. Pineapple, papaya and manga as they stimulate the body to secrete some enzymes that reduce the period of labor to accelerate natural childbirth, and it also softens the cervix. Dates as they thin the cervix. Thyme soaked leads to the opening of the cervix, so it is preferable to have a cup of it in the sky. Anise calms the nerves, by eating it in the morning. Fenugreek, black and white honey this combination stimulates the uterine muscles, soothes pain. Chamomile boiled by eating a cup of it daily, which facilitates childbirth by opening the cervix

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