Walking after birth 2

Walking After Birth

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During her pregnancy, a woman must obtain quality medical care to maintain her health and the health of her baby, by taking enough rest, not to strain the soul in various household chores for at least a month of birth, as well as sleeping for hours enough.

After an appropriate period of birth of six weeks, women should do some proper exercise, such as walking, and some simple sports movements, so that their body muscles can return to normal, and that their weight begins to fall and return to almost the previous weight, by taking care of proper and healthy nutrition and postpartum exercises.

There is a misconception that women after birth are forced to stay at home, and rest during the period of childbirth, and this belief results from a lack of awareness in society about women’s postpartum health, and this rest or inactivity with eating food in large quantities results in significant weight gain, and therefore the appearance of sagging in the body, so it should be noted that regular daily exercise renews and increases the body’s energy and strength, in addition to the wonderful psychological effects it brings to the same woman.

Walking after birth

The number of women in the world’s population is increasing. Pelvic floor exercises that improve circulation and gradually restore pelvic muscles. Exercises tighten ing the lower abdominal muscles, which ensure tummy tuck, get rid of its fat, and restore it to normal. Pelvic lift exercises move the back, relieving his pain. Neck and upper back exercises.

The importance of walking after caesarean section requires a mother who gives birth by caesarean section to double care than the one who gives birth to a normal birth, and walking is an important way to recover quickly, but the importance of walking is as follows: helping to heal the wound resulting from caesarean section. Gradually reduce weight. Reduce the risk of blood clots. Vital processes in a woman’s body return to normal. Reduce gases and bloating.

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