pregnancy hormone

Pregnancy Hormone

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The hormone responsible for the pregnancy process is called progesterone, a steroidal hormone that helps implant the fertilized egg by fertilizing the lining of the uterus, as progesterone is excreted in the male and female sexes in the adrenal cortex, and is secreted after Puberty, which is present in large quantities during pregnancy in the placenta, is formed in the ovary in the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle after ovulation, and the amount of its secretion is affected by the stages of pregnancy, The amount of secretion is at its highest.

Rogesterone may experience a decrease in its secretions, which may lead to complications that may affect women negatively such as: depression, high cholesterol, the appearance of gases and persistent bloating, pain in the breast area, and heart disease, Osteoporosis, change in menstrual times, large amounts of blood flow during cycle days, the appearance of cysts in the ovaries, the occurrence of abortion, the inability to stabilize pregnancy, the appearance of urinary tract infections with vaginal dryness, the feeling of pain in Joints

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