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Childhood is a stage where children enjoy playing and education, a stage in which children are helped to grow strongly and confidently by being overwhelmed by love and encouragement from family and society.

The child’s childhood is important, as the child enjoys a range of rights, including security, protection from exploitation and abuse, and protection against violence

Childhood is divided into several stages based on the evolutionary skills that the child learns at each stage, and these skills, whether mental, emotional or physical, follow a certain sequence, as mastering a skill leads to a transition to the next skill, and consequently the transition takes place from one stage to another.

These developmental stages can be divided as follows:

The development phase of the newborn child: the period in the child’s age between the first day of birth and the month, and the child moves his head from side to side, sees things close to his eyes, and the reactions reflected in what is going on around him, and recognizes some smells as well.

Baby Development: The period in the child’s age from the first month of birth to the year, during these months the child begins to develop some abilities such as controlling head movements, playing with hands, sitting without support, responding to the call of his name, and approaching the age of the year the child begins to crawl, stand with support, pick things up and catch them.

The development of the child is a modern walking: this period is considered at the age of the child from the first year to three years, and shows at this stage the ability of the child to walk and jump in place, climb stairs, build models with games, follow instructions in addition to the use of short sentences.

Pre-school child development: this stage between the third and fifth years of the child’s life, the child shows more developments in terms of fine motor skills, shows the ability to draw a person in every detail, throw the ball over his head, go to the bathroom, wear clothes himself, in addition to using long conversations.

The development of the child at school age: this stage lasts during the age of the child from 6 to 12 years, the child shows greater mobility skills, is responsible and independent, and some sexual characteristics begin to appear, and also the child’s interest in forming relationships with peers, especially of the same sex, begins in this period.

Adolescent development: At this stage there are many cognitive, mental, physical, and sexual developments in adolescents, some concerns are shown in relation to appearance, eating disorders may consist, and they tend to spend more time with friends than parents.

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